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 Austin Supermom Standing Rules

Roster Info and Mass Emails
The Supermom roster is to be used for Supermom events only. Roster information may not be used for commercial purposes. Use of the roster for jokes, home parties, solicitations of any kind, business, political, or religious purposes is prohibited. Only use e-mail or mail to all members of the club when it pertains to Supermom business (evites, invitations, questions pertaining to a specific Supermom activity, etc.)

This is Supermom’s main way of checking in with its members on a weekly basis. A response on an evite tells Supermom and the other members that you have looked at the evite and gives you the chance to leave a message with your response. Many members use this to report that one of their children is sick, they have family in town, or that they will be out of town etc. It is highly encouraged to make a response on every evite and not just delete it.

Mailed Invitations
A paper invitation that you receive through the mail will be an option for celebratory social engagements not affiliated with Supermom. If you receive one in the mail and are leery of the sender, then a phone call or email to Supermom is necessary.

Yahoo group
The yahoo group is All members are welcome to join. This e-mail group is for all non-Supermom business, for example: solicitations, cool ideas you have, questions about anything, referrals for anything, etc.

Sick Policy
All parents and their children need to be healthy when attending any Supermom functions. Please do not attend a function if you or your child…

• Have run a fever of 100.4 or higher within the last 24 hours
• Have had vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours
• Have exhibited any symptoms of any communicable diseases (e.g. chicken pox)
• Have a common cold with discolored nasal mucus
• Have a sore throat
• Have croup
• Have an undiagnosed rash or skin infection
• Have suspected mononucleosis
• Have pinkeye or other contagious eye infection
• Have had an inoculation or vaccination of a live virus within 48 hours (MMR, Chicken Pox, oral poliovirus vaccine).

Please help keep our infants, children and expecting mothers safe by following these simple health regulations.

Please communicate any of the above issues that you and your children may have to Supermom through email or phone call. Thank you!

RSVP Policy
Please respond to each invitation you receive whether it is by evite, email, or mail. This allows our members the opportunity to have an update from its members. An RSVP provides the hostess a way to contact you should the event be changed or cancelled. If you decide at the last minute that you want to attend an activity, YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. Please keep in mind however, if you attend without giving notice: 1) you may be the only one, 2) there may be a shortage of supplies, and 3) the location may have changed. If no one RSVPs, Supermom may cancel the activity without notice.

Playgroup Guidelines
All members are encouraged to create a playgroup on their own with no help or organization by Supermom. They are organized according to the age and developmental level of the children. Older and younger siblings are always welcome. Our playgroups provide friendship, fun, and socialization for children as well as the parents, grandparents, and nannies. Members of each playgroup select their meeting place and activities based on the personality ages of the children in the group as well as the needs and desires of the parents. Most playgroups meet at member’s homes or at the park.

CODE OF CONDUCT - For the Children!

We all need to remember to focus on the behavior and not on the individual.

Each mother is responsible for her own child's behavior. We have to remember that there is not a right or wrong way of parenting; we are not to judge each other.

- When disciplining, please remove the child from the immediate area.

- Aggressive/Manipulative Behaviors (hair pulling, hitting, kicking, wrestling, biting, and spitting) if any of these behaviors occur, then that parent should remove her child from the area. After a short bit of time, this child can resume the activity. If after a half an hour from the original incident, this behavior does not cease, then that child and parent shall leave for the day.

If a child is consistently having behavioral problems that has warranted their removal from several activities, the parent may be asked to refrain from attending events until that child's aggressive or anti-social behavior is under control methods are in place to handle the behavior better (timeouts, sensory integration techniques, redirection, a plain old nap, etc.)

CODE OF CONDUCT - For the Adults!

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to establish guidelines for members at all Supermom functions or when interacting with other members. It will allow for the removal of members from the Supermom roster if they violate the guidelines established and set forth herein. The
final decision will rest with Supermom.

1. Members are responsible for supervising their own children at all times.
2. Members must be considerate of speakers. If your child is crying excessively or throwing a temper tantrum, please remove the child from the immediate area until they settle down.
3. Members shall refrain from malicious gossip or harassment regarding other members of the club in person, via phone or e-mail.
4. All members shall be considerate and respectful to the property of other members.
5. Members shall not misuse the Supermom roster or ANY of its contents (phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, etc) for home based businesses, solicitation, divulging or selling information, etc, and mass e-mails that do not directly support the purpose and principals of Supermom. The roster and directions to members home are only to be given to dues paying members.
6. The newsletter shall be kept confidential since it contains personal information about members and meeting places.
7. Members shall abide by the Bylaws as set forth by Supermom.

Actions may be taken against any Member who violates the Code of Conduct.

The actions will be taken as:

1. First Offense - Verbal warning and support being given to both children and parent.
2. Second Offense – 6 week removal from the specific activity or ALL activities at the discretion of Supermom. (At the end of the removal be it, 6 weeks or 30 days, a 30 day period of supervised reintroduction will ensue. At the end of 30 days the member will meet with the Supermom to make a plan for further participation.)
3. Final Offense – (3rd complaint) If a complaint is received within or beyond the 30 day supervised reintroduction, then proceedings will begin to remove the member from Supermom and dues will be forfeited. At this time the member shall refrain from attending any and all Supermom activities.

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